Driving Success with Automated Payments

Creating the opportunity to enroll in automatic payments drives efficiency for utility and government agencies. From reduced administrative costs to enhanced customer satisfaction, providing auto-payments across multiple channels can increase revenue and reduce the burden of manual tasks on our customers.

Predictable Revenue

By creating the opportunity for customers to make automatic payments, your agency’s budget can become more reliable and predictable. As customers securely register their credit/debit or bank account with their online utility profile, the likelihood of missed or late payments is minimized.

Reduced Administrative Effort

Through reducing late or missed payments, your staff spends less time making calls or sending paper statements. For example, for utility customers experience reduced truck rolls and shut offs  through enrolling customers into automatic payments. Or for Building and Permitting departments this could result in faster collections of re-inspection fees or expiring permit fees. Decreased staff effort and resources increases agency revenue and allows your staff to focus on higher priority tasks.

Increased Cyber Security

Automatic payments decrease the amount of manual transactions, supporting the utility and government agencies’ goals in reducing their PCI compliance footprint. Through utilizing a digital payment method, customers have the benefit of knowing their payment information is secure and reduces the risk of fraudulent activity. Additionally, it’s a more secure option for customers than sending payments in the mail.

Improved Customer Experience

Most customers are already familiar with automatic payments and come to expect all companies they do business with to offer modern payment options. With most Americans paying a number of bills each month, automatic payments create a convenience for customers, relieving them of the burden of tracking bills. Automatic payments create several benefits for your customers, including improving their credit scores by making routine, timely payments.

Selectron knows that increasing modern payment options also showcases your investment in the customer experience, which fosters trust and customer longevity. Our organization strives to support utility and government agencies in meeting their goals for increasing revenue and optimizing operations. By delivering trusted solutions that continually drive efficiency, we provide real value for our clients and the communities they serve.   



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