How Digital Self-Service Drives Better Outcomes for Government and Utility Agencies

For many years, government agencies have felt the strain of how limited budgets force prioritization of resources, and have had to favor providing essential services over exceptional customer service. As the private sector continually enhances customer experience, public demand for increased accessibility and digital options are on the rise. Government and utility agencies understand that positive customer interactions drive better outcomes for both workforce and the communities they serve and are working to close the gap between public and private sector customer experience. 

Everyday Digital

From ordering groceries to automating bill payments, many Americans are seeking to simplify life with digital self-service options. When engaging the services of a government or utility organization, customers want to experience the same level of virtual ease. According to a 2022 State of States Survey by global market research firm McKinsey and Company, government customer service is rated lower than most private-sector services.

Digital experiences are considered critical to daily life. How can agencies begin to incorporate services customers are already used to utilizing? A few common examples that many people depend on are scheduled or automatic payments, online forms and submissions, and automated notifications.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Modernizing customer service doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity can yield far better results. By considering the journey each customer takes, agencies can offer a streamlined approach that satisfies the customer’s need and minimizes staff interaction.

Consider the ways customers engage with your agency and the steps required to perform each task. Digital customer service options should seamlessly support a customer in achieving actionable goals with a minimum number of steps, such as automating payments or scheduling an appointment. Through self-service, agencies can minimize in-person or mail-in steps, which can be barriers for customers and occupy more staff time to process.

Promoting Positive Public Opinion

Not surprisingly, according to McKinsey and Co., positive customer service influences public perception of government as a whole. Their research shows satisfied customers are 9x more likely to trust a government agency providing the service, and 9x more likely to agree an agency is delivering on its mission. These findings prove the importance of the customer experience.

The same study showed dissatisfied customers are 2x more likely to contact agencies 3 or more times for help. Dissatisfaction is tied to not completing their tasks effectively on their own. This issue arises when the customer journey is too complicated or the process is not explained in clear, simple terms. These dissatisfied customers are 2x more likely to publicly express frustration with an agency.

Partnership for Progress

Selectron helps government and utility agencies meet citizens’ needs with effective solutions that support seamless self-service. We tailor each agency’s solution to meet their challenges, demographics, and customer demands. Creating an easy-to-access customer journey is essential to streamlining processes and enhancing operations. Selectron is your partner in providing reliable solutions that erase barriers to access allowing for increased customer contentment and optimized workforce operations.



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