Meet A Selectron Employee - Bryan Cooper

As Selectron’s Director of Software Delivery, Bryan Cooper is at the very center of how we tailor solutions that deliver real value to our customers. Bryan manages a combination of developers and project managers, building software to help solve problems for agencies, and guiding projects to ensure Selectron delivers real value to our customers.

Bryan’s entire career focus has been on software design and implementation:

  • Bryan spent 10 years in the telecom software space, first as a software engineer, then in leadership, building and optimizing teams of developers to solve problems for customers
  • He spent 4 years working for a Texas utility, giving him a valuable understanding of public-sector agencies, as well as their needs and constraints
  • Now with Selectron for 6 years, Bryan oversees our Software Developers and Project Managers

Bryan said of working at Selectron,

Our slogan, ‘Trusted Solutions, Real Value’ isn’t just a motto, we measure everything we do based on the value it delivers for our customers.

Bryan leads a team of customer-focused developers, who work closely with agency staff to understand their precise processes and challenges, and engineer our software to function exactly as they need. Bryan is also in charge of institutionalizing this knowledge so it can be applied to future customers with similar challenges.

In reflecting on his career, Bryan is proudest of the last year, and his team’s ability to deliver for customers during the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. He believes Selectron’s focus on customers is what helped us continue to deliver solutions when in-person operations shut down.

Our teams are self-empowered, they know how to solve problems and they know when to get help. They also know their primary function isn’t just getting software out but taking care of the customer, and we did that well because it’s what we’ve always done.



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