Product Highlight: Atlas Insight

Agencies of all types conduct inspections on a daily basis, but assigning and managing those inspections can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Some departments use software to automatically assign inspections each day, but these assignments aren’t always optimal and can require managers to reallocate inspections based on various needs. Even when automated assignments work well, circumstances often arise that force inspections to be reassigned. This process can be extremely labor intensive, often forcing multiple managers to spend hours each day reassigning inspections based on inspectors being absent or unexpectedly unavailable.

Atlas Insight Product Highlight

  • Automatically assign inspections of all types using configurable business rules
  • Reassign inspections quickly and easily using simple, intuitive tools and commands
  • Integrate Atlas with your permitting system to pull in all relevant inspection data 
  • Easily compare inspector assignments to help balance workload
  • Visualize inspections using an interactive map

Selectron’s Atlas Insight tool helps address this problem by allowing users assign and manage inspections through a simple, web-based interface. Atlas Insight is a fully-integrated solution that gives users all the tools they need to optimize their inspection assignment process. Insight improves efficiency right out of the gate with a configurable automatic assignment tool that will intelligently assign inspections based on workload capacity, trade, area, and more. But it also goes beyond those initial assignments, allowing users to quickly and easily reassign inspections with simple drag-and-drop commands:

  • Automatically and intelligently assign inspections based on configurable rules
  • View inspections on a map to optimize travel routes and minimize extra stops
  • Sort inspections by any available data, including permit, location, type, or who it is assigned to
  • Reassign inspections using simple drag-and-drop commands
  • Drag one inspector’s name onto another to reassign all their inspections at once
  • Use a lasso tool to select and assign all inspections in a specific geographic area

All the day’s inspections are displayed on a map, and users can simply click on inspections and drop them onto a new inspector to reassign. Users can sort inspections by inspector, type, or location, or select all inspections in a given geographical area to reassign. This allows inspection managers to optimize their inspections by location, minimize travel time and extra stops, and ensure the work is balanced among different inspectors.

Insight can be integrated with a range of leading permitting databases, GIS systems, data sources, and field work applications to ensure it works seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Automated assignments can save time, but they still need to be reviewed, and often edited, by managers or office staff. Insight makes this process quicker than ever by pulling all inspection information together into an easy-to-use web-based interface.

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