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Relay is a powerful self-service application suite. With a single platform, governments can connect the work of their agencies in one location, coordinating and amplifying their impact through automation, data analysis, and engagement. 

For agencies, Relay’s centralized, connected approach to automated customer service frees up staff time, lowers costs, and increases the quality of customer service. For citizens, they receive the convenience and ease of accessing their data when, where, and how they want.  

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Relay and Atlas provide benefits for your agency’s administrators and the contractors they serve. As an enterprise-wide solution it boosts efficiency and streamlines performance. 

Relay Utilities provides government administrators centralized information management and increased speed of revenue collection through secure payment options.

Relay Courts allows your court to automate routine informational inquiries as well as secure payment processing for fees and fines.

Our Relay platform provides governments with solutions that stretch across multiple agencies, providing increased efficiency and enhanced management coordination.


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Relay Portal is a powerful administrative and data management tool that provides real-time health statistics, detailed reports, outbound campaign management, configuration options, and more, all through a user-friendly dashboard. 

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Access from any internet enabled device
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Real-time view of solution status
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Centralized administration and reporting
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Create and manage outbound campaigns
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"Having the Relay Portal is going to be useful for reviewing how the system is helping us operationally"

Mark Lusson, Customer Accounts Manager
Prescott Valley, AZ

Flexible Deployment Models

Relay is deployed based on your needs. Whether it’s on-premise, hosted, or using a hybrid strategy, Relay will work how you want, where you want. All deployments come with industry-standard security compliance, so you can be confident you are protected.   

Secure Customer Payments

Payments for agencies using our solutions are PCI compliant and PA-DSS validated. Meeting the highest standards for payment security, agencies and their customers can feel confident knowing their data is protected.

Proactive Outbound Notifications

Outbound allows agencies to send automated, pre-crafted communications by phone, email, or text message. With the control to customize messaging, Outbound can be deployed within a single department or as an enterprise-wide solution.


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