Product Highlight: SelecTXT for Permittng

With SelecTXT, Selectron’s latest self-service solution for permitting, contractors and permit holders can schedule or reschedule inspections, as well as access inspection results using simple text-message commands. This offers users an additional channel to schedule and reschedule inspections, adding a layer of convenience for citizens, while also reducing the burden on permitting staff to field calls and schedule inspections manually.

SelecTXT for Permitting Product Highlight

  • Allows permit-holders to schedule, reschedule, or cancel inspections, as well as access inspection results or a list of inspection types via simple text messages
  • Optional inspector-posting module allows inspectors to post inspection results and notes
  • Users complete the process of scheduling and resulting without staff involvement through integration to your agency’s permitting database

Selectron implements SelecTXT by providing a designated toll-free phone number for the solution, and configuring it with the relevant inspection types and codes. Once configured, users can initiate an inspection (pursuant to any cutoff times or other business rules) by texting simple one-word or one-letter commands to the number provided, and responding to the prompts that follow as shown.

SelecTXT saves time and provides added convenience on all sides of the inspection process. Contractors are able to schedule inspections quickly and easily from anywhere, and these inspections are scheduled automatically, freeing up office staff to focus on customers with specific needs. SelecTXT can also be extended to inspectors, giving them an easy way to post results and notes with a quick text. As populations and demands on agencies grow, staff need to find ways to do more with less. This makes SelecTXT a powerful tool, allowing contractors to conveniently schedule and manage inspections without needing help from staff.

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City of Santa Rosa, CA

Our solutions also go well beyond, helping empower communities in times of tremendous need. This was evidenced by Santa Rosa, CA, where our SelecTXT permitting solution helped the city to rebuild itself after devastating wildfires in 2017.

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