Meet A Selectron Employee Andrew Breidenbach

In his role as a Lead Software Developer, Andrew Breidenbach serves as an advocate for our customers, hearing their needs, constraints, and specifications, and communicating them to management and other development staff. After a brief stint as a teacher, Andrew went through a coding bootcamp and joined Selectron soon after as a member of the customer support team. As he’s built his career here, he has developed a deep understanding of both our software, as well as our customers’ processes and needs. He uses this understanding to help give voice to those needs, and ensure our solutions continue to effectively solve problems for our customers.

  • Andrew began his Selectron career in 2019 as part of the customer support team, fielding inquiries from customers responding to their concerns, and learning
  • After 9 months as a support technician himself, he transitioned into coordinating support staff, helping deploy resources to address customer needs as efficiently as possible
  • Andrew has served as a crucial spokesperson for our customers, working to understand their needs and ensuring those needs are addressed with the resources and care they require

In his time with Selectron, Andrew has helped spearhead several key developments to our core products that have made them more useful for customers. After fielding concerns from several different customers regarding our Relay Outbound messaging platform, Andrew helped develop a new process for recording outgoing messages that helped our customers reach their citizens more efficiently. He has also helped develop a feature to allow for more flexibility in administering Utility customer accounts, empowering our customers with the tools to fix issues they used to have to submit to Selectron support staff.

When asked what makes Selectron’s support different from that of our competitors, he emphasized our culture of collaboration. He explained,

We have the advantage of having every developer work in support first, which means when the support team is overwhelmed, existing developers can come in and help. This means customers don’t have to wait for us to catch up, and have their issues resolved sooner.

He continued,

At other companies, much of the development work is siloed. Here people are encouraged to seek help, which makes us more connected, and helps us resolve issues more quickly for our customers.



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