Cutting Costs and Optimizing Water Utility Operations in Anderson, SC

"The Outbound notifications that used to take a week, Selectron can do in two hours."
Sherry Woolbright
Water Administration Manager
Ready for a Change

Without an effective outbound solution, the busy water utility agency staff at Anderson, South Carolina spent excessive hours managing delinquencies and shut-offs. Tired of burdening staff, they were hoping for a solution to reduce their workload while boosting revenue.

Modernizing Customer Service

Water Administration Manager Sherry Woolbright championed the task of finding a software partner that could bring their customer service into the 21st century. “We had a system before, but it was so antiquated. It was nothing but problems,” she remarked. While exploring her options, she soon discovered, “…Nobody offered what Selectron offered.” She was excited to partner with Selectron and implement a dependable, automated solution.

Improving Bill Delinquency Outcomes

Woolbright and her staff quickly saw the impact of offering 3 different outbound channels, including voice, text, and email. Delinquencies have reduced by 20% with many customers making payments within one day of receiving the notification. With the increase in customer responsiveness, the disconnection rate was also reduced by 50%.

Effective Automated Processes

Making better possible is at the heart of Selectron’s core values. Through fully automating the notification process, we removed hours of manual entry for the staff. Woolbright shared, “I never dreamed the solution would be automated. I love it…Working with Selectron is an 11 out of 10.” Now the Water Department’s staff can focus on higher priority tasks while their fully automated solution works to notify customers, reduce costs, and increase revenue. 



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