Digital Communication Makes a Splash for Water Utility Companies

Automating and streamlining customer interactions, as well as proactive communication, is critical to improving operational output for any organization. In fact, according to a recent JD Power water-utility-focused study conducted in 2022, digital communication is one of the most significant indicators of creating happy customers.  

According to this study, customer satisfaction is the highest for customers whose utility companies offer automated customer service options, including proactive email and/or text messaging. Moving away from paper bills and notifications enhances customer satisfaction, as well as increases the effectiveness of important updates, like rate increases. The study revealed that only 35% of customers who received paper bills recalled being informed of such changes.

Not only do automated solutions increase customer satisfaction, but the survey indicates that the number of customers also interested in having digital communication options has risen 43% since 2019. More and more customers are moving away from traditional communication methods in favor of text, email, or voice notifications. 

The US Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey placed one of Selectron’s customers, Orange County Utilities (OCU) in Orlando, Florida, among the best in the county for customer satisfaction. Rated 794 points (out of 1000), OCU was 1 of 90 mid to large-sized utility companies targeted by the survey. 

Selectron provides a customer communication solution for OCU that smoothly integrates with their Oracle CC&B backend database. Both the IVR and Web solutions that Selectron provides the County create a modern, user-friendly option that facilitates payments and account management. With the addition of Relay Outbound, OCU can automate digital messaging by voice, SMS, or email, allowing them to communicate via channels their customers prefer.

With automated messaging that communicates bill delinquency, impending shut-offs, high consumption notifications, and upcoming account charges, OCU keeps its customers informed of account activity and makes it easy for them to stay current. By diversifying their communications, they ensure that important updates do not get lost in the mail. 

Relay IVR, Web, and Outbound are valuable tools for agencies to stay connected with their customer base. These communication solutions integrate smoothly with the backend database, allowing you to automate notifications that support customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Selectron is here to help improve your workflow and customer service efficiency by strengthening communication channels between your agency and customers. 



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