What Our Customers Are Saying


Monroe County, FL

“I like the fact that Selectron adjusted their processes to what would work best for myself and our agency. That’s what continues to sell Selectron as a company to work with.”


Karen Pleasant Gonzalez, Application Analyst


Prescott Valley, AZ

“I’ve said to my boss and my employees that when it comes to having contracted work with a vendor like Selectron, they have set the standard for us now.”


Mark Lusson, Customer Accounts Manager
Relay Utility Pack


Washington County, MD

“If you’re looking for efficiency, dependable service, and outstanding support, I would recommend going with Selectron.”



Angela Smith, Deputy Director/Deputy Code Official

Garland, TX

“Selectron is the only vendor that we pay maintenance to that actually does quarterly maintenance on our solution. I feel like I’m getting value for the money.”


James Bartosh, System Engineer

Oklahoma City, OK

“We trust Selectron’s IVR system so much that when we first launched the system, we forwarded all of our department calls through the IVR on day one.”


Stan Reichert, IT Project Manager

San Angelo, TX

“Selectron’s IVR processes 2,500 payments a month, eliminating the need for our staff to handle them manually.”



Mary Cleveland, Billing & Receipts Manager
Hosted VoiceUtility

Fontana, CA

“The Selectron system is better than other offerings because of its reliability and cost performance.”



Marc Tamayo, IT Senior Business Analyst

Corvallis, OR

“[The outbound notification is] really the most efficient option that we could’ve selected. It’s just been a great success. It saves us time, money, and effort.”


Tony Krieg, Customer Service Manager

Hanover County, VA

“The inspectors love it. They’ve been able to increase their time in the field.”




Theresa Arnold, Business Manager

Gainesville, GA

“If anybody is looking for an IVR solution or option to make payments available for their customers, I would rate Selectron as one of the best companies I have ever seen or been involved with.”


Tina Wetherford, Finance & Admin Division Manager

Roseville, CA

“VoiceUtility makes a huge difference for us. Our goal is to push people back into the IVR whenever possible to keep our costs down and reduce inefficiencies.”



Andrea Blomquist, Service Manager

Tucson Water, AZ

“Selectron’s staff are very responsive. They are there to support us, assist us, and work to rectify any issue immediately.”




Jane Slama, Billing Office/Call Center Superintendent

Aurora Water, CO

“We went with Outbound Notifications because we needed to be able to work in a smarter and more efficient manner.”



Marena Lertch, Billing Manager

Iredell County, NC

“I’ve told a lot of people over the years that Selectron is a good company to work with, they do what they say, and their product is very dependable.”


Lynn Niblock, Director of Building Standards

Elk Grove, CA

“The inspectors love it. They’ve been able to increase their time in the field.”




City of Elk Grove
VoicePermits & VoiceUtility

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