Empower your customers through self-service solutions

Utilities In Action

“We’re very, very happy and we’re fortunate we have Selectron as a vendor. It really means a lot to have a vendor who understands what customer service means.”

Mamie Mierzwak

Roseville, CA

Provide the Service They Deserve

Offload the routine customer calls that demand staff time and tie up phone lines by using our IVR and web solutions. Your customers can call or go online at their convenience to check their utility accounts or make payments. You can also communicate with them using automated outbound messaging.

Proven Solutions


Enable your customers to use their phone to instantly access and update account information

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Extend your services by allowing customers to access utility information from an integrated website

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Proactively engage with your customers by sending service updates, delinquency notices, and general information via phone, email, and SMS

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Provide your customers with a way to seamlessly submit payments through multiple, integrated channels

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Give your field workers the resources they need to streamline their processes and manage tasks in real-time

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“We chose Selectron because that’s who our software vendor recommended. They have a good partnership with Selectron and we have yet to be disappointed.”

– Pam Cloud, Clarksville Gas & Water

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