Building and Planning

Protect your investment with an architecture that serves both current and future needs

Building and Planning In Action

“The ability to conveniently schedule inspections an post correction codes are two of the most popular features. Best of all, it is saving each inspector one to three hours each day.”


Dave Dean
Tulare County, CA

Bring Your Service up to Code

We’ll give you the tools to meet every permitting and inspection process with accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness. Use our Mobile Field Solutions to provide your inspectors with the tools they need for successful inspection, notice, and workforce management. You’ll benefit through rapid access to information and reduced manual processes for repetitive tasks.

Proven Solutions


Our interactive voice solutions provide an ideal platform for contractors to request, schedule, and follow up on inspections

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Deploy a fully featured and integrated web application to provide web-based inspection management

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Give your inspectors the resources they need to efficiently manage their inspections, post results, and schedule follow ups while in the field

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Proactive communication keeps your contractors informed with automated inspection updates

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Increase your permitting fee collection rates through real-time, integrated payment solutions that contractors will use

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“Establishing communication on a 24/7 basis represents a great benefit to our development community”

– Bill Elliot, Colleyville, TX

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